3 Reasons Why You Should Protect Your Home From Mosquitoes Now, Not Later

You may think that mosquitoes are just a summertime problem, but that’s not the case.  As long as the temperature is at or above 60 degrees, mosquitoes will remain active. Get ahead of the game this year and start protecting your home and yard now!


April showers bring more than May flowers, they also bring pest generation.

The month of April is notorious for bringing spring temperatures and rain. This combination creates a warm, wet climate – which of course, mosquitoes flock to.  Rain plays a large role in the increased presence of mosquitoes around your home as it can cause accelerated lawn growth. Overgrown grass, bushes, and shrubberies can provide the perfect home for mosquitoes. Rain gutters are another popular mosquito breeding ground between the water and other leaves, branches, and debris that may get collected.

Zika Virus in Eastern NC

The first case of Zika Virus has been reported in Eastern NC. While there is no vaccine to prevent the disease at this time, the best way to protect yourself and those around you is to reduce your risk of being exposed to mosquito bites. Eliminating breeding sites, space sprays, and vegetation management is the best way to control adult mosquitoes and keep your family safe.

Season Long Mosquito Treatment Offer

There is no time like the present to start reducing mosquito presence around your house thanks to our current special: protect your yard all season for just $325 (up to ½ acre). Save some cash while ensuring your home or business is safe and free of pesky mosquitoes.


While mosquitoes often seem to start as just a summertime bother, they can develop into a full-blown problem. Call our professionals at Rid A Pest today to save with our special and ensure your family outdoor space is mosquito-free this spring and summer.

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