Keep Your Home Pest Free in 2018 with a MyShield Package

The New Year is here and with the help of MyShield™ packages 2018 can be a pest free year. Leave stress behind this January and resolve to sign up for a no-fuss plan that will ensure your entire year is worry free! MyShield™ Basic The MyShield Basic package consists of

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We’re Dreaming of A Pest-Free Christmas

The halls are decked, cooler temperatures have arrived, and to-do lists are being tackled. Whether you’re ready or not, the holiday season is in full swing! While you eagerly (or not so eagerly) await your guests’ arrival, here is a look at how you can ensure unwanted rodents and pests

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What You Need To Know About Winter Pests

You would think that with the changing seasons, we would experience less problems with bugs and other pests. Unfortunately, here in North Carolina the problem doesn’t go away with the cooler weather. Here’s what you need to know about winter pests:   Rodents will often try to find their way

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How Weather Influences Rodent Infestations

Fall in our region brings a mixed bag of weather which leads to a cluster of varying pests that may try to invade your home. While the temperature is finally beginning to cool down, autumn also means an increased likelihood of hurricanes or tropical storm conditions, making September through November

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Don’t Fall Behind on Regular Pest Treatments

After dealing with the increase in pests during the summer months, it’s easy to assume you can “fall” back on your regular treatments and that you’re home free during the cooler seasons. Wrong! Unfortunately, there is no decrease in pest prevalence during the cooler months, just a change in species.

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Tips to Avoid Bed Bugs in College Dorms and Hotel Rooms

August, not only is it the hottest month of the year, but it is one that has everybody’s schedule in flux. Many families are taking end-of-summer vacations while others are sending their children off to college. While it may be time for travel and adventure, it’s important to take precautions

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Combat the 3 Most Common Summer Pests with MyShield

Summertime is known for warm nights, days at the beach and family time outdoors. Unfortunately, it’s also known for mosquitoes and other unwanted pests who make their presence known during these warmer months. Here’s a look at the most common summer pests and how you can treat them, not just

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Solve Summer Pest Problems with MyShield

As summer months are upon us, so is the risk of unwanted pests and costly infestations. However, we’ve made pest control treatment easier and more cost effective than ever before with our Rid A Pest MyShield Packages. These exclusive packages consist of scheduled, routine maintenance in varying degrees of service

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3 Problem Pests for Summer 2017 | Rid A Pest

Did you know experts in the pest management industry are predicting pests will be increasingly present this summer thanks to our unusually warm winter? In fact, these three critters are the biggest threat:   Ants As a North Carolina resident, unfortunately it is not just one or two types of

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3 Reasons Why You Should Protect Your Home From Mosquitoes Now, Not Later

You may think that mosquitoes are just a summertime problem, but that’s not the case.  As long as the temperature is at or above 60 degrees, mosquitoes will remain active. Get ahead of the game this year and start protecting your home and yard now!

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1 Comment

  1. Susan Hickman | | Reply

    I wanted to share a good story about one of your technicians. We live in Merrimon, NC. We have had a common black and white household spider living outside the front door of our home for several months. We have watched her shed her skin several times, call a mate and now has two sacks of eggs on the palm plant beside our door. Although I’m nervous about the baby spiders getting in the house, watching this process has been remarkable.

    The Rid-A-Pest technician came when we were out of town earlier this week. Due to the rain, she had to come back to finish the application and spoke to my husband. She had noticed the spider but realized that it had been there for some time and decided not to destroy the web. She asked if we wanted it removed and my husband said no.

    We are grateful for her thoughtfulness. She could have easily cleared away the web and the spider without any consideration to the age of the web. Please thank her for me.

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