Rodent Control in Wilson, Greenville, NC & Beyond

Although they may not look as creepy as cockroaches, bed bugs or other creatures the Rid A Pest team deals with on a daily basis, rodents are truly one of the most unwelcome pests out there. Below are just a few of the reasons homeowners across Eastern and Coastal North Carolina should watch out for mice and rats:

Get Rid of Mice & Rats in Eastern North Carolina

Ready to get rid of mice or rats in your Eastern NC home? At Rid A Pest, we utilize only humane rodent control methods to safely and effectively remove these pests from your living spaces. Once we’re done, we’ll close up any pest entry points in and around your home to keep rodents from returning.

We specialize in removing and preventing infestations of house mice, Norway Rats and Roof Rats. Each type of rodent has unique tell-tale signs of infestation, and must be controlled in a specific way. Knowing which is infesting the home is important to providing effective treatment. We charge extra for Roof Rats because they require more work to control due to daily visits to homes to check traps. Roof Rats are more common in Morehead City, Pine Knoll Shores, Emerald Isle, Atlantic Beach, Harker’s Island, Swansboro and Jacksonville.

Find a Rid A Pest office near you, then give us a call to request a free estimate or schedule your residential rodent control appointment with our skilled exterminators in Wilson, Greenville, Morehead City, Raleigh and surrounding areas. We look forward to working with you!

Rid A Pest provides professional rodent control services to homeowners across Eastern and Coastal North Carolina. We have two offices serving Wilson, Goldsboro, Greenville, Jacksonville, Morehead City, Rocky Mount and New Bern, and we also serve clients in Raleigh, Havelock, Zebulon and Wendell, as well as surrounding areas in Wilson, Wayne, Wake, Johnston, Nash, Edgecombe, Pitt, Greene, Craven, Jones, Onslow, Carteret, Pamlico and Beaufort counties.